Monday, January 10, 2011

Lesson 1 (01) Mathematics & Me...

Share with us...
  • the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics
  • what are some challenges you have experienced with the subject
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  2. I succeeded in getting an A* in Maths for PSLE. My joys is that my teacher was very caring and always helped me when I was lost in my Maths.
    I nearly failed Maths in my prelim so I try to improve on my Maths to do well in the PSLE and it worked :)

  3. SUCCESSES- I was happy to find out I got an A star for maths
    JOYS- when I solve a question, I feel really happy
    CHALLENGES-When I can't solve a question, I always have to ask my parents for help which takes very long sometime

  4. I know how to count how much I have in my bank and gotten "A's" for P6 maths for 4 times in row!

    I have some problems with ratio and percentage but I still managed to get A's.

  5. ACHIEVEMENTS AND JOYS - When my father first told me that he taught I was good at maths, it really felt like a huge accomplishment.
    CHALLENGES - The first time I did badly in my maths examination, I slowly tried my best to work harder the next time although I really felt extremely sad.

  6. Success: able o quick think and score well in tests.

    Like, after a long time discussing, thinking, solving the problem and finally broke the problem, was my joy.

    Challenges: Unable to solve extreme questions while my friends can

  7. SUCCESSES - I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever i manage to solve a maths question using a method others cannot think of.

    JOYS - I went on an exchange trip to Hong Kong with my school using my maths results.

    CHALLENGES - There are certain maths questions i was unable to solve though but after several attempts i will be able to solve it.

  8. point no:
    1. Getting highest math score in the second best class of the P5
    2. Being assigned to help peers learn math in my P5 class

  9. my successes were when my psle results came out. usually i got a B but this time i got an A and it really made me feel happy.
    my joys are when i solve a maths problem sum as i feel relieved that i had overcome one obstacle.
    my challenges are when i am getting used to a brand new topic in maths. e.g. i did not really understand the topic of speed when my teacher first taught me the topic but after a week or two, i fully comprehended the topic.

  10. In P6,I was one of the few students always selected to join the Maths Olympiad competition.

    I am always careless in my work,although I have tried to correct this bad habit for over six years

  11. The successes I have when doing maths is when I have figured out a question and it gives me the drive to move on. Subsequently, I would feel confident of myself

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  13. Successes!! :D
    Got a bronze award at the Math Olypiad Test at Hwa Chiong

    Challenges... D:
    Afraid of getting below an A in Maths

  14. Successes- I got one A* for PSLE, that was for Maths.
    Joys-I'm the better few at math in my previous school. I represented my school in the Math Olympiad held by Hwa Chong institution for the past two years along with my friends.

    Challenges-I hate Math because it's so confusing and some problems are so long. The numbers just don't fall in place.

  15. The successes and joys I experienced in maths was when I managed to understand some of the topics when I joined my schools math olympiad class.

    The challenges I had in math was when I was always lectured on about my math results which kept on going up and then down. Which a made me feel like giving up as every time I do well, I knew there was that feeling of knowing that my results would drop.

  16. Oo.
    Got A* for maths in PSLE too.

  17. success and joy : the first time i had a math exam was in primary one. i passed with very good results and i was very happy. :)whenever i solve a math problem i feel very happy too!
    challenges : there are some very difficult problems that i couldnt solve, so i would approach either my math teacher or my tuition teacher. PSLE was one of the challenges and i passed it with flying colours which means that i had overcome the challenge. :)

  18. SUCCESSES- I got an A for math in PSLE after all the effort I put in while studying for it

    JOYS- I had a math teacher who helped me when I needed it

    CHALLENGES- I failed my math for the first time in the SA1 last year.

  19. Success:I was very happy when I got a high A for PSLE maths as most of the time I would only get a low A or a B.
    Joys:Whenever I find the answer to a hard question that I've thought about for a few minutes,I feel a sense of accomplishment.
    Challenges:I always had problems in fractions but after a method that I learn't from my primary school teacher I am more confident in it now.

  20. Success-I got full marks for my primary 1 math SA2.

    Joys-I used to really like Maths because I was very good at it and I felt it was easy.

    Challenges-In primary 3 division was introduced and I was very bad at it.In the end I got 64 over 100 for my SA2.I asked my brother to help me and I finally understood how to do it .

  21. Bryan kong Jun Yong1/10/2011 01:35:00 PM

    Success: My teacher told me that I had improve in my maths and I felt motivated, realising that I had he potential.

    Joys: It was a joy when my maths exam had finished.

    The challenges i faced was on tough questions and every time I will asked my father and we will solve it together.

  22. Success-I got the third position in class

    Challenges-I can't solve questions so I use other methods

  23. Successes and Joys- I got A* in Math for PSLE and school exams in primary school.
    Challenges- Understanding solving math questions that I do not know.

  24. eh, Matthew also in Math Olympiad. Haha