Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chapter 3: Approximation and Estimation - An Introduction (Preparation)

What's the difference between these 2 words - Approximation & Estimation?

On your own, go through the learning activity in the following website

At the end of the 'visit', you should be able to tell the difference between approximation and estimation, and when each is used in real world...

Write a summary to illustrate the KEY DIFFERENCES between Estimation and Approximation. Submit your write-up as a Comment under this posting.


  1. Estimation: A way to make an equation be simplified.
    Approximation: way to make a number with less significant figures.

  2. Daniel Ho Kin Kwong3/03/2011 11:04:00 AM

    What's the difference?
    Both are spelled differently.
    Approximation is used on numbers with decimals and rounding them off to the nearest whole number and multiplying two of the numbers to get the approximation. While, Estimation is converting numbers with lots of decimals to the nearest decimal place getting an nearest result.

  3. Estimation: It is a way to simplify and equation to make it simpler

    Approximation: It is to simplify and answer to a few significant numbers

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  5. Estimation is a method where we simplify equations.

    Approximation is where we make a number have lesser significant figures so that the sum is simpler to equate.

  6. Estimating is mostly used in measurement. It is used in measurements which are hard to remember, so estimating helps to get rid of all the confusion that might occur.
    Rounding is mostly used in maths in school and it can be tested as a skill and to make the numbers look less frightening to some students.

  7. abiyyu arif tahman3/03/2011 11:14:00 AM

    estimation: estimate a number with just your senses
    eg. the length of the pole is 3m

    approximate: making a number shorter by making the number to significant figures

  8. Estimation = To make the equation easier to

    Approximation = To make result easier and nearest answer

  9. Estimation is to help us simplify the question.
    Approximation : help us get the answer in the fastest time.

  10. Estimation: To simplify the equation to make it easier to solve.
    Approximation: To round of the number to significant figures.

  11. Estimation = the number 0 is not a significant number
    = it also a simplified equation

    Approximation = the number 0 is a significant number
    = it makes the results the nearest accurate answer

  12. Approximation is to make the number more simplified by reducing the number of significant figures.

    Estimation is to make the finding of the quotient in an equation simpler.

  13. Estimation-is estimating a number and making it less confusing and easier to understand and solve
    Approximation-is rounding off the numbers to a shorter number.

  14. Estimation is to make the equation simpler so that other people can easily understand.

    Approximation is to simplify a number with a lot of decimal places to only a few decimal places

  15. Estimation is to round off the sum then get the answer

    Approximation is to get the answer 1st and then round off the answer.

  16. Estimation = It looks at individual numbers and is used in higher mark questions in exams as it is more complex and can easily solve much more difficult questions.
    Approximation = It will be used to make complex numbers easier to look at. And helps when dealing with recurring numbers.

  17. Estimating: It is a close guess to the real answer where you round numbers to get rid of the confusion and do the sum in your head.
    Approximation: Is the rounding the numbers to a number of significant figures to make the number less confusing.

  18. Approximation is rounding off a number to make it easier to equate.

    Estimation is a close guess to the real answer to an equation that is achieved when the numbers in the are rounded off to get the estimated answer.