Friday, February 18, 2011

Error Analysis 1 - Chapter 1

Task 1:
The following are the work done by your friends.
Please identify the nature of the errors committed and
made the necessary corrections.


  1. A: no working
    B: workings are not put neatly and the answer is wrong
    C: the workings are seperate and addition of fraction is wrong

  2. Student A: He straight away gave the answer and he did not show the working to the answer.
    Student B: His answer was incorrect and it was quite hard to figure out what he was doing.
    Student C: It was messy and his workings were not together and he did not add the fraction correctly

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  4. Student A : There is no explanation and working. People may not understand what he/she is talking about.

    Student B : There is no proper mathematical working.

    Student C : There is no equal sign, so he/she is just giving some mathematical statements.

  5. Student A:No working
    Student B:Unclear working.
    Student C:Addition/Multiplication is not calculated in the right order.
    Added the denominator.All are the wrong answers.


  6. Student A : He did not show the steps he did before finding the answer to the question and his answer was wrong too.

    Student B : The arrow did not clearly show the numbers and the mathematical symbols he was refering to and his answer was wrong too.

    Student C : He did not do the questions in order and his answer was wrong too.

  7. Student A- He does not show any steps at all.
    Student B-His workings are not done properly.
    Student C-His workings are very confusing

  8. Student A
    the answer is wrong the correct answer is 81 and he did not show working
    Student B
    .03 square is 0.0009 and the answer is wrong
    Student C
    answer is wrong it should be 201/400

  9. for student a- he did not show the working for the question and only give the answer.
    for student b-he use the decimals wrongly and wrongly multiplied the decimals.
    for student c-he shouldnt add the denominator thus the answer wil be incorrect.:D

  10. SA: The answer is 81 and he did not show his working.
    SB: The answer is wrong and he did his steps wrongly and (0.03)^2 does not equal to 0.000027.
    SC: He did his steps but one part was done wrongly so his answer was wrong.

  11. a) no working
    b) working not complete and there's error
    c) forgot to change the fractions to common denominator and add.

  12. Daniel Ho Kin Kwong2/18/2011 10:57:00 AM

    A - No workings displayed
    B - He cubed the 0.03 instead of squaring it
    C - Wrong addition of fraction

  13. student A: NO workings to explain how he get the answer and wrong answer

    student B: did not write full working and wrong answer

    student C: not in the right order and wrong answer

  14. Student A did not show any workings and his answer was wrong.

    Student B it was not clear which mathematical symbols he was referring to and his answer was wrong as well.

    Student C did not do it in the right order and his answer was wrong.

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  16. Student A got the answer wrong and did not put a working.
    Student B did not use a acceptable working.
    Student C used the wrong method to calculate the answer.

  17. Student A did the question wrongly. Student B did the second part on the equation wrongly thus causing his/her final answer to be wrong. Student C added the denominator together which is wrong.

    Sorry I not sure how to explain the mistakes fully. T^T

  18. A- Wrong. Ans is 81
    B- Wrong. Ans is 0.0071. And (0.03)^2 is not 0.000027 but 0.0009.
    C- Wrong. Ans is 101/400.

  19. Peng Kang Xiong 2/18/2011 10:59:00 AM

    Student A: Did not show working, and the answer is wrong. It should be 9 instead of 18225.
    Student B: 0.03 to the power of 2 is not 0.000027, it is 0.0009.
    Student C:His presentation was messy and his answer was wrong

  20. A: He did not show working and thus he did not a correct answer
    B: He calculated (0.03)^2 wrongly.
    C: He added the denominator and left out the numerator

  21. A:Ans Is 81
    B:Ans is 0.00071
    C:Ans 101/400

  22. Student A- No working thus, the student made an error in the calculation which made the student obtain a wrong answer.
    Student B- Wrong usage of decimals and error in multiplication of decimals.
    Student C- Added the denominators together, thus making the answer have wrong values.

    -Ada Syafiq

  23. Student A: Did not show any working and just gave answer

    Student B: Answer is wrong handwriting is atrocious

    Student C: Working is there but some conversions are missing making it hard for the marker to understand the equation

  24. Gavin Chong Wei Jun2/18/2011 11:02:00 AM

    Student A:

     No workings
    Answer wrong

    Student B:
     Answer wrong
     Miscalculation in 0.03 x 0.03 resulting in miscalculation and wrong answer.

    Student C:
     Wrong Calculation
     Wrong Answer
     Calculated denominator instead of nominator

  25. Student A has the wrong answer and didn't show working.
    Student B didn't show the whole working and go the answer wrong.
    Student C got the wrong answer.