Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter 4: Algebra... Reading Your Mind

Guess what!? I could read your mind too!
Guess How I Do It!


  1. It has to do with 9. For example, lets say you picked the numbers 123. You jumble them to 321. 321-123=198. Then they ask you to circle one of the numbers and type in the two you did not circle and if you had picked the number 1, you would have typed in 9 and 8. 9+8=17. If you add 1 to 17, you get 18 and it will always be a multiple of 9.No matter what numbers you choose it will always be a multiple of 9.

  2. The numbers are supposed to be different because, the answer cannot be tallied if all were the same number. When you choose that number, it will always add up to a multiple of 9, therefore, it can be predicted, what number you choose

  3. Anyone knows how to start this thing?

  4. The numbers that you placed when it asked you to take out a number, when you add them together with the number that you took out, it will always be a multiple of nine.

  5. When you add up the digits of the derived number when you subtract the two numbers is always a multiple of 9.

    Your number is 9643.
    Jumbled number is 4396.
    Derived number is 5247.
    Circled number is 5.
    Input number is 742.
    Nearest multiple of 9 is 18.

  6. abiyyu arif rahman3/19/2011 10:55:00 AM

    i think your not suppose to tell anyone about how to solve it.

  7. and i think mr johari also wants the explanation to why its like that