Monday, March 28, 2011

The class maths reflection and Policy

Class Task (compulsory)

1) Write in your personal blog about 1 main thing you can pledge to improve on yourself

2) Suggest 3 areas you would like the class to focus on in order to create a better learning and working environment. Post it as comment. You post should begin as follows...
S1-09 should be ....


  1. S1-09 should be more cooperative, know the correct time to play and the correct time to be serious and be more focused in their studies.

    Md Ada Syafiq

  2. I pledge to be more focused...

    S1-09 should be serious, more cooperative and of course more fun.

  3. S1-09 should be situationally aware of the surroundings and what is happening and react accordingly so that we will not disrupt other classmates. We must also be silent at all times during lessons to make the classroom a conducive environment for S1-09 to study in. Last but not least, we must be focused in class to learn more, learn better.

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  5. s1-09 should not make sounds or noise during class which disrupts the class, s1-09 should also be more focused on their work and should help each other when others need help

  6. S1-09 should be more considerate of others by not making sounds or noise that disrupts learning. S1-09 should also be more serious and focused in our work. Also, we try to help others when in need.

  7. S1-09 should be more like a class and stop spreading untrue rumors and hate speech which will eventually spread around the school or maybe further. We should not make weird sounds or noise like squeaking in weird sounds or singing as it tends to distract others. We should also help others in need and not ostracise them

  8. Stop Slacking, Start Working.
    Stop Spreading Rumors, Stop Talking Nonsense.
    Stop Making Noises, Start Listing.
    Stop Soloing, Start Cooperating.

    Just a poem/pledge for class

  9. I would like the class to have more fun but at the same time at work

    I would like the class to be less vulgar

    I would like the class to have more Situational Awareness

  10. I would like S109 to me more focused.
    I would like S109 to listen a bit more than talk nonsense.
    I would like S109 to respect people's space.

  11. S1-09 should stop spreading all sorts of weird rumors and should focus more on our work. We should also me more united as a class and not hating on another and stuff like that. :D

  12. I would like S109 to be more serious when it comes to work or projects

    I would like S109 to be more organized in terms of answering and asking questions

    I would like S109 to be more united .

  13. S109 should be more focused and serious and concentrate more.
    S109 should be more respectful, honest and responsible.
    S109 should be more aware and communicate better and help each other to improve.

    Mateen, S109

  14. S109 should be more focused on work and less worried about social things. We should be a bit more responsible and cooperative instead o trying to work by ourselves. We can't go very far if we can't even work with our own classmates.

  15. S109 should be more serious during tasks
    S109 should be more cooperative with everyone
    S109 should not make weird sounds during class which will distract people

  16. S1-09 should be more collaborative
    They should also not talk when not instructed to
    We have to work hard together and help each other.We are like one big family. Let's work together to help each other.

  17. S1-09 should be more caring to each other. We should try to work together as a class and co-operate. We should also help others in times of need.

  18. I would like the class to be serious during class, but not too serious. I would also like the class to be fun at the same time. I would also like the class to be united no matter what happens.