Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Data Handling (post elearning)

courtesy of Ms Loh
edited by Mr Johari

From the Bus Survey Project, we learnt how to gather real world data, make sense out of it by analysing the patterns and (we will) eventually make suggestions/recommendations based on data.

In the following video clip, we will learn how data (in the study of Statistics) has enabled mankind to make big and small decisions, that either impact the individuals or the bigger community.

Look out for the following key segments in Data Handling:

  1. Describing Data
  2. Producing Data
  3. Conclusions from Data

You may also click here to view the videoclip

Leading Question:
From the video identify one key area that Statistics is used in the real world. Post you answer under comment.

The projection of the World Population in the past, present and future.
Source: Hans Rosling's 200 Centuries, 200 years, 4 minutes - The Joy off Stats - BBC Four.

Click here to study how statistics is used to study population pattern in the world and how the world is affected by this.


  1. I can be used to see if the world is progressing through the years.

  2. It can be used to see the world's population and progress.

  3. I can understad how the world grows over 200 years

  4. It can be used to monitor the happenings around the world

  5. It can be used to track progress, faults and many more things today.

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  7. It can be used to see how the world change.

  8. It can be used to display how the world's population lived over time.

  9. Statistics can be used to prove things to people and for political issues.

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  10. It can be used to track the progress of the world over time

  11. It can be used to see trends and progress of the world.

  12. It can see how the population in the world progresses over some time.

  13. Statistics can be used to show how much food you eat every day.