Friday, March 25, 2011

eLearning Challenge - Data Consolidation by Claire Ki (1)

  • Neighbourhood - Sengkang
  • Name of Road/ Street - Sengkang East Way
  • Bus Stop number - 67401
  • Bus-stop Name - Sengkang Stn
  • Time Started - 11 am
  • Time Ended - 12.30 pm

The profile of the commuters were usually adults & young adults from 11 - 12, but from 12, I see some primary school children too as I think they are taking the bud to go to school.

The challenges I faced: 
1. Staying focused. It was a LONG time for me to sit there for 1 and a half hours keeping track of the buses, I mostly daydreamed, but I still got the information.
2. Many people were staring at me as I was just looking on the road and getting data about the buses and never actually board any of them. it was weird, but no one asked me anything.

If I were given a second chance to collect data, I would try to be more focused. I would also get more information for the googlesite as I did not really remember the instructions.

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