Wednesday, March 23, 2011

eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1: Choice of Graphs

  • Among the 4 graphs (Line Graph, Bar Graphs, Pictograms, Pie Charts), identify ONE graph that is NOT an appropriate choice to represent the information?
    • Why do you think it's not appropriate?
    • What makes you think the 3 remaining graphs are appropriate?
1. I think that the pie chart i not so appropriate.
2. I think it is not so appropriate because sometimes the results have to be rounded off, so the answers are not so are not so accurate. Plus the numbers are not so big, so we don't really use the pie chart which is more for big numbers. We don't really see pie charts in weather forecasts.
3. The other three are more appropriate as they are accurate and they will be accurate no matter what number.

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