Saturday, March 5, 2011

National Holidays and Festivals by Jasmine ( 04 ) S1-09


  1. Marks:5/10
    Mark breakdown:
    No exact or estimated figures.(-1)
    Title of post is wrong and there are no labels.(-1)
    Content is relevant for tourist, accurate and easy to follow.(2)
    No exact or estimated figures.(-2)
    Graphics are related to the topic and make the poster easier to understand, but there are no citations.(2-1=1)
    Poster is attractive and appeals in design, layout and creativity.(2)

  2. Marks : 5/10
    Points Deducted
    Does not have 2 exact nor 2 estimated figures (1)
    Title of post is not according to the template and there is no labels (1)
    Relevance of maths is not used (2)
    No credits for borrowed sources (1)