Friday, March 4, 2011

Universal Studios- By Adil.

Thanks, I know I'm awesome.


  1. No accreditation of pictures, wrong blog post title, text is too small, 2 exact and estimated figures,both are accurate, not a lot of Singapore context but is easy to follow.
    Pictures are related to the topic but overall, poster is not so attractive.
    1 mark for required elements, 2 marks for content accuracy and 2 marks for graphic relevance.

  2. Marks: 7/10

    Required Elements: 1 mark
    2 exact and estimated figures.

    Content Accuracy: 4 marks
    Accurate and easy to follow and relevant for tourist.
    Estimation and Approximation is clear and accurate.

    Graphic Relevance: 2 marks
    Graphics are related to the topic.
    Not so attractive.