Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maths Performance Task (review)

Transportation Challenge (Review)

My heartiest thanks to all for your wonderful effort in completing and submitting the Mathematics Performance Task (Transportation Challenge).
You have all performed beyond my expectations. Given about a week to complete the poster and personal write-up, indeed the end products set a new bench mark for future SST students to emulate. I have already tabulated the results and provided comments to all the teams. I will discuss this further when we meet next term. You have been rewarded based on the effort demonstrated in your 2 tasks - kudos especially to those who put in the extra effort.

I have included 5 posters from S1-05 to S1-09 for your perusal.

Please add constructive comments on your thoughts and possible learning points for yourself and post as a comment.







  1. I feel the learning points from this activity helps me improve my ability to co-operate, help me get a better understanding of statistics. My thoughts of this activity are the fun of making the posters and doing the activity.

  2. The posters are very colorful. They are filled with attractive visuals. I have learnt that it is very important to organize and covey the information properly using the correct tools. Like the bar chart, pie chart. Then the viewers would be interested to read your poster and could also find out the information needed just at one glance. I also learnt that using charts to represent information is better than writing it down.

  3. The organisation of the posters must be very clear for the viewers to understand. It must also be attractive so that people will be interested in reading the poster. Using charts like the pie chart or bar graph can be better than tables as they are clearer and easier to understand.

  4. We must know what type of charts to use in different data presenting and we must also make sure the poster is attractive at the same time clear enough to see. We must simplify the data as much as we can yet giving the vital information as clear enough to allow the viewers to compare.

    We should also learn to cooperate in such team work tasks and put in 100% commitment in order to get a nice result.

    "You give me crappy works I give you crappy marks"
    Total agree with the sentence above. ^.^

  5. I think that the posters are very eye-catching and short and sweet which is very good so that people will read and understand them easily. I also think that the data is clear and is analysed properly. I learnt that we can use all sorts of ways to express the data such as graphs but not the wrong way to show the data. I also learnt that we have to make the poster attractive and short and sweet for the reader to understand. I also have learnt that there is a lot effort needed to make the poster and improve it so we need to work together to make it what we expect to be.

  6. I feel that these posters are very well designed and are easy to read. It is very simple and I can see the data and words clearly. I also learnt that there are many ways to present the data. Some ways are graphs, but there are many kinds of graphs, so we must learn to be able to choose what type of graphs to use. We must also give all our effort so that we can get better posters, and better marks! :)

  7. I think that the posters are very presentable and are able to let the reader see the data compiled at a glance. I learnt that it is important to organize the data neatly and there are all sorts of ways to make the poster more attractive so to capture a readers's attention. I learnt it is also important to make the data as short as possible but full of the data that is meant to be conveyed to the reader