Sunday, September 11, 2011

Viva Voce-Sylvia Soh_Question 1

Part A
Part B

I have learnt that every equation is based on technique. Like for me I did question 1 which technique was taught to me when I was in primary school. I learnt that mathematics is quite easy. You just have to get the technique right, and no matter how the question is phrased, it is all very simple.
I learnt that making one simple video like this takes a lot of planning and work. You need to be very clear of what you are doing before you film or you will mess up a bunch of times and you will have to re-film the whole thing again.
I have also learnt that the mathematics can be very fun to do and interesting. 
I faced one major challenge in making the video, and that is recording my voice. I had messed up quite a few times and had to re-record the explanation over again. However, with hardwork, determination and a lot of focus, I finally managed to complete the explanation with minimum amount of flaws.
A minor challenge that I faced was  writing the explanation down, I had some problems in thinking what was the best way to explain the solution to the viewers. I made sure that I was as clear in my explanation as possible. 

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