Sunday, September 11, 2011

Viva Voce

Hello all, sorry for the late upload,  this is my Math Viva Voce. Hope you like it and enjoy and the video!

Part B I put some effort into the video as I tried to think of ways to clearly answer the question while doing something out of the norm, hence my decision to lego blocks in this video. Lego blocks were good to use as they are big and bright colored, making it easy to see. I also tried coming up with a creative and fun way to show this question and how might be used in our lives. It was very tiring as I had to take several and spend a few hours editing and adding footage to this project. It was also very noisy in my house and I had to try my best to concentrate and finish up the video. I kept stumbling over what I had to see and I wasn't sure if I was being clear enough and describing the strategies. Still, it was a good experience and I throughly enjoyed making this video although the process itself was long. In the end, I learnt a lot from making this video as could exercise my creativity and make this video as could as it can get. I also learnt that even though the question was a normal question, it was awkward trying to explain it. 

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